Alarm SystemsAlarm System

At Direct Security Services we have seen it all when it comes to alarms. From a basic burglar alarms to ones that send you notifications to your email or smart phone – Direct Security Services has you covered. We also offer a variety of different services to accommodate your specific needs:

  • – We can take over existing systems if you are unhappy with your current security provider;
  • – We can install a wireless system in your home;
  • – We can add a cell back-up to your existing system; and
  • – We even pre-wire new homes that are under construction so that they can have an alarm put in once the house is built. If you are having a house built check out our home automation and home entertainment pages or call us to see how Direct Security Services is your one stop shop.

Video Surveillance

DSS was the company that brought IP and IP Mega Pixel Camera Systems to East Texas in 2005. DSS has the knowledge and experience to get your system installed and operating like it is supposed to function.

Access Control

Our access control systems helps you control who can come in to your home or who can enter your office. We have a wide range of options including basic keypad entry, card access, advanced gate control systems, and even advanced biometric systems with facial recognition. Call us today and let our experts help advise you on what would be best for your unique situation.

Commercial/Residential Fire Systems

Fire systems are a necessity for homes and businesses. It takes only minutes for fires to spread to the point where lives are threatened. Fire is not the only danger: Carbon Monoxide (which is colorless, odorless and tasteless) along with other toxins can harm you as much as the actual fire. Direct Security Services offers many solutions in the fire safety area including system inspections, Carbon Monoxide detectors, and installation of a complete commercial fire system. No matter who does the work on your fire system they have to follow National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Here at DSS we take pride in doing our fire jobs right the first time.